H4 "low beam" bulb question

Discussion in '6th Generation 2002-2013' started by jhon, Apr 29, 2019.

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    Hi guys.

    I was looking to replace my low beam bulbs because one burnt. The bike had install H4's and the forums were talking also of H4 as replacements, so that's what I bought.
    Normally the H4 is double filament bulb for high and low beam. My bike has only two wires going to the H4 socket, therefore only one filament lights up.
    Is this the right bulb type and the right setting????
    My wires seems not to be original. I wonder if the previous owner disabled the second filament of the H4.
    What would happen if I find two brand new H4 type sockets and hook the 3rd cable to the high beams, so when I turn on the high beams ON, then both filaments of the H4 will work and I will have the H7's (high beam) lighting up also. That would light the road pretty nice.
    IF the way my bike is right now is incorrect please let me know. IF it is correct, then why everyone recommend using an H4 bulb?????
    Also Im thinking: if I go LED I could have the H4 type LED hooked with the high beams H7 led and have the same setting I was proposing above BUT without the risk of overheating the cables.
    Hope I explain myself.
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    Yep, Honda saw fit to use H4 in the bottom without wiring for highbeam filiment. I'm using HID H7 up top but ran a jumper to the H4 high filiment so I can have high/low on the H4s and the HID H7s on a separated toggle switch..

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