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    I bought a VFR specific HID kit awhile ago but have to wait to put it in till after my license road test (30+ years of riding, 1 state transfer= retest!).

    I was concerned about the HIDs trying to start up at the same time I was engaging the starter and wanted to relay the system to come on with a switch but i hate cutting to put one in.

    I bought a pair of H4 relays from NewBonneville.com that trigger when the HI beams are triggered. Of course the VFR H4s aren't wired for the highbeam filiment so...I got new pigtails for both H7s and H4s and ran a connecting wire from the H7s pos to the H4s high filiment wire. To avoid activating the HI filiments in the H4s when using halogen bulbs on the stock harness i cut the hi lead from the relay kit to the bulb and put in a disconnectable plug.

    So, now i can activate the headlights by flicking the HIs and when I put in the fully relayed HIDs can plug the HI filiment back in can take advantage of not over l p ading the stock wiring in either config when starting the bike.

    I'm sure many have built the same thing but this was so easy a Caveman could do it!

    PS did note on the volt gauge I installed as well that charging without lights on is waaay high so don't do it long.


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