How do I start a blog?

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    Step one: Click the blogs button from any menu.


    Step two: Click "Create New Post" button.


    Step three: Make a title for your blog and then type it up in the editor window just like any other post. (NOTE: if you type slowly, it may be a good idea to occasionally click on "Save Draft" in the editor window.)


    Step four: Click "Post Now" when you are ready to post you blog for others to see.

    Additional info:
    Several options are also available below the primary blog dialog.


    Tags: tags are words you can enter that pertain to your blog to hep it be found from a search.

    Categories: you can choose the category most appropriate to your blog, or if you don't choose one it'll show up as 'Uncategorized'.

    Options: Use this to choose if you want comments to be allowed, or if you'd like to see comments before you allow them to be posted. You can also choose to notify other blogs if you link to them from your blog. You may also choose that your blog can only be viewed by your contacts making it invisible to the general public.

    Misc Options: Use this to publish your blog instantly or on a specific date. You can also choose to make it a draft to come back to later.

    Blog Entry Subscriptions: This allows you to choose how you are notified when a comment is posted, etc.

    (see also: What is Blogging?)
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