Invisible 3M reflective decals 6th gen luggage

Discussion in '6th Generation 2002-2013' started by 34468 Randy, Aug 14, 2021.

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    Our member Boosh63 placed an add in the classifieds for 3M (I think they are 3M) covert reflective decals for the 6th gen OEM bags.

    Accessories for Sale - Reflective Decals foe OEM 6th Gen Hard cases | VFRworld

    He posted a right side only bag for sale about a year ago and sure as hell, I needed just the right side. Although it was black, and my bike is white, that did not matter as I was fixing up the old bitch from a crash in 2018, and getting it all painted up nice and clean.

    To shorten the story a bit, the bag he sent me had a covert 3M reflective decal on the back of the bag. What they are is a black decal that is essentially invisible until it is hit by light. I got back to Boosh to find out where the decal came from as I really wanted them to bolster my visibility to those asses driving cages behind us. Boosh found a source down in the USA but then Covid made things difficult for me so that ship sailed.

    Sure as hell, recently he began producing these decals for sale through VFRWorld Classifieds. I ordered up a set and applied them some time ago and kept promising Boosh I would post these up. But my camera went for shit and I bought a new camera, only to have difficulty learning how to load the photos to my computer. Nothing in the manual don't you know. But I have figured that out.

    He also just recently done up a set of wings that has me thinking as well. Maybe, maybe not. I just don't know if I want to put decals on my new white paint. I just removed reflective decals from the last scheme and think I will stay with the white. But he did a mighty fine job on those I think. Here is the link for that set of wings.

    Accessories for Sale - Honda Wing Graphic for 6th Gen | VFRworld

    I really have to say, I am impressed with the decals I got for the rear of my OEM bags. See for yourself. Boosh was quick to get these out to me. I was less quick in fulfilling mu promise to post up.

    So take a look. See what you think. These are a great item to add inconspicuously to your bike to get brilliant visual awareness to you and your bike in the dark.

    Daylight, No flash DSCF7073.JPG

    Daylight with flash DSCF7074.JPG

    Dark, no flash. DSCF7078.JPG

    Dark with flash. Headlights will have same affect on thes DSCF7079.JPG
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    Thanks for the "exposure" Randy! I am happy you like the product.

    My misfortune with losing a case was great timing for you for sure.

    I bought those cases like that (came with the bike) I am certain that it was the clear 3M ghost film that is used on police and emergency vehicles. The stuff you have is made by Oracal and is black. in other you don't see it against black so it works out. The 3M ghost stuff is more expensive but more versatile...colour-wise. The material I use is permanent outdoor premium vinyl often applied to traffic cones...very durable.

    As you know, I chose to do my cases with the white reflective vinyl so I have a visible ass in both daytime and night time.

    My Honda wing graphic I did in the black reflective film. There is a larger gap between the 3rd and 4th feather because I want(ed) to put a V4 VTEC logo there but I just may remove it and replace it properly spaced. There is room to play around with placement with the kit.

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