Lowering 04’ Q’s with new pics!

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    I’ve completed flipping the triangles and now I have questions on how to move the shocks up the triple tree. Yes, I’ve searched but I’ve found nothing for “How to” lower the triple clamps. There’s one web page I found but it’s not very specific. Whack bolts do you loosen? Also I need to know which way to turn the preload adj for the rear shock and what does it do to the bike? Turning the preload to the right highers/lowers the bike and makes the suspension lower/higher and softer/harder?
    Just finished up putting my new fairing set on, installing lithium ion battery and trying to clean everything as I went along. No one piece of the fairing kit fit “perfect”. I test fit, modify, test fit etc... for hours. I think it turned out really well for how little money I spent. Next: white wheels. Thanks guys n gals!

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