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Discussion in 'New Riders' started by Clap_Trap, Aug 27, 2016.

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    Hello All,

    This past week I picked up an 03 VFR800a (6th Gen) and am excited to be out and riding again! My wife and I just moved to the Charlotte, NC area from Chicagoland, IL for my job.

    I've owned an F4i and a 81 CB900 most recently (always get drawn to Hondas) and totaled the first and sold the 2nd. I've been riding off and on for 12 yrs. I was looking for something newer and fuel injected in the sport touring genre for the wife and I to enjoy.

    After looking at a few Sprint 1050's and miscellaneous others, I was able to find a VFR in near mint for the right price that had been sitting for the last 5 yrs. Just put on some Road 4's and had the Honda dealer change the fluids and give it a once over. Now it's time to look for some of the desired creature comforts!



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