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    Hi guys, A friend from the states asked me if I knew of any motorcycle riding videos so he and some of his mates could get an idea of the roads and road conditions and traffic ..etc. So I said yes, infact I have made lots of them.
    let me preface this by saying I am not plugging for views, even if everyone on VFR world watched I would not gain an advantage. Him asking me just planted a seed and I though someone here might benefit from them.

    I will list some below but feel free to go to the home page and pick something you think might interest you.

    Please feel free to ask questions.

    Gentle Annie is one of the best roads in NZ,its a great ride and a must for motorcycling tourists.

    This is "western lake road" its winter and cold, I hate this road, it never gets dry in winter, we are heading to lake Ferry for lunch.

    Below is heading from Woodville to Palmerston North, its a great ride and a must for motorcycling tourists.


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