Accessories for Sale Passenger Back Rest, 6th Gen

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    A happy wife is a happy life....

    Although I wasn't happy spending $1100 to get my design made. (Built this when we first met. Was in a love-brain-fog to have spent that)

    I found material to match the "carbon fibre" look of the Sargent seat so it looks amazing.

    We had looked at the lumbar support style but she was more comfortable and felt safer with one that was higher. It looks brand new as she only used it a few times due not really enjoy touring. *sigh*

    PayPal only, via Goods & Services so you have buyer's protection, tracking number provided as soon as I generate it, delivery signature required, will provide invoice. You pay shipping and will be next day after payment received. Location Vancouver BC Canada. I have access to large discounts on shipping (up to 70% off list)


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