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Discussion in '8th Generation 2014-Present' started by blakebirk, Apr 24, 2016.

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    Greeting all,
    I just took possession of my 2014 VFR yesterday. there are a couple of accessories that I want to add. I'm looking into installing a Powerlet and trying to decide where to mount it. I'd appreciate any thoughts on the best place. It will be used for heated gear and on my previous bike I'd run a cable up to the tankbag for phone and camera charging on the go.

    The other item is power for the GPS. Is there a place in the wiring harness that I can plug into? preferably switched with the ignition? I have the standard model as opposed to the Deluxe so there must be a connector where the heated grips would have been plugged in, unless they used a different wiring harness for the two models. Anyone know where I might find such a connector?

    sorry if this has been previously covered I looked through the 8th Gen forum and didn't find anything.

    Thanks for the help

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