Smoke then won't restart

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    Hello everyone, I'm new in the forum And I hope I can find some help for my problem. I own a VFR VTEC 800 year 2002. I bought it around the year 2008 and used it for about 4-5 years with great satisfaction and no problems except, obviously, ordinary maintenance (oil, Chain, etc.). Unfortunately, due to various problems I had to abandon the use of the bike for several years. Now that I am finally better I've tried to recover the bike and I took it to the mechanic who made a maintenance (oil, filters, plugs, etc.), he told me that the bike was fine handing it over to me telling me that at the beginning it would have done some smoke, etc. The mechanic handed it to me with out even taking it for a test drive. I took the bike and Went home not far from the mechanics garage and in the way it Made a lot of smoke. Once home I turned it off and left it for about 1/2 hour and when I tried to turn it on again it was hard to ignite, always a lot of bluish white smokle coming out of the tail pipes.Then I got into the highway and, apart from the smoke, I noticed that I was at the bottom of the throttle but it was hard to get up to speed remaining at around 120km. Also noticed that consumed a lot of gasoline so I stopped at a gas station where I refuel but the bike would no longer start as if the battery was run down. so the mechanic had to come and get the bike and after looking at it he tells me that the bike "pisses gasoline from the bottom" and that must be the fuel pump. Then it changes version and alludes to an injector. The bike has around 35000km. Someone can give me some suggestions or help me to understand what could be wrong. Thank you.
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