Thoughts on aftermarket bodywork? Frame Sliders?

Discussion in '5th Generation 1998-2001' started by FrankieKingpin, Dec 10, 2019.

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    I have a 99 that I bought in pretty good shape, minus the usual issues for a 20 year old bike. Now, there are some scratches and broken tabs and such on the body work from previous owners. I understand that a lot of the Chinese/fleabay fairings have their own set of issues, but do any of you have brands or vendors in mind that are less of a hassle?

    Also, do any of you have recommendations for frame sliders, either cut or no cut?
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    I have only seen one set of Chinese fairings. They looked OK, but definitely felt cheap and flimsy.
    If I had to use something like that, I would probably apply a layer of fiberglass on the inside to add a bit of strength. I would also be ready to do a bit of minor modding to get the fit right.

    Alternatively, MotoPlast is a good and cheap option. They don't appear to make the tail fairing, but they do have the rest in fiberglass.
    In my experience, they respond quickly to inquiries and I doubt you would have any trouble getting them to ship it to the US.

    As for sliders... Cut. No question about that.
    Several of the "no-cut" versions I have seen are mounted on a strip of metal that sits in front of the radiators. I would be very surprised if they could handle any real force without simply being bent and mashed into the radiator.

    Proper sliders are mounted directly on (and inline with) a (usually) longer engine mounting bolt that goes all the way through the frame.
    Sliders have a very simple and specific job, that requires them to be strong and securely mounted. Any compromise will at best make them basically useless and at worst, potentially do more harm than if they were not there at all.
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