Throttle advice.

Discussion in '7th Generation 2010-Present' started by Mr.hifi, May 28, 2021.

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    Hello Guys, Help needed.
    After spending 3 years with my beloved vfr 1200 2011 model, My wrist/throttle control has evolved to extreme soft/sensitiv wrist skills :)

    My biggest problem is of/on throttle in different rpm/gear/speed situations.
    (But not in all riding situations)

    Lets say im in 3 gear and go completly of the throttle and try carefully to open the throttle,
    Then it feels like its impossible to do a smooth opening without using the / 5 % on...
    (Not in all rpm/gear/speed situations)
    but in some different rpm/gear/speed situations.

    The Sabsteef remote online
    ecu reflash/firmware, did improve alot on these throttle issues, and 60 % of honda limitations in first gear is gone and 80 % in second gear... "Huge improvment"
    But stil a pain in the arse with the throttle response in some situations... "leftovers"

    im wondering if the throttle position sensors is out of sync ?
    Or maybe changing the oem-valve exhaust system, causes fuelling/throttle problems ?

    I have not ridden the 1200 with stock exhaust,
    so nothing to compare against.
    (Scorpion Factory carbon/ without DB killer)

    The bike pulls like a train and last dyno says 162 bhp at the wheel...131 nm in fifth gear.

    Despite the throttle issues,
    the vfr 1200f is a keeper, yesterday i ordered Wilbur 640 rear suspension
    And the new yss 10,5 nm linear fork springs was a gamechanger ! Even with stock valves !
    Sag is spot on, And Big red is now fantastic on bumpy Roads at high speed...look forward to see how the Wilbur 640 rear shock performs.

    Honda VFR 1200 f 2011.
    40.000 km.
    Exhaust. Scorpion Factory carbon.
    Airfilter. Stock/oem.
    Spark plugs. Ngk iridium
    Shell V power oktan 100.

    Kind regards from Denmark.
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    May 28, 2021
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    DB killer Back in big reds scorpion exhaust...
    (First time)

    Throttle control is much better now, and i can hear birds singing

    No doubt that the VFR 1200 engine/throttle by wire, is extremly sensitiv with Air/fuel mixture !

    I think the VFR 1200 gonna need a PC5 to run smooth, if the stock valve exhaust is replaced
    with OPEN CAN exhaust....
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