tirequik is quik to rip you off

Discussion in 'General VFR Discussions' started by TireQwiksucks, Jun 21, 2004.

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    >:( I contacted tirequik for the tire changing kit and asked how long it would take to get it. He responded 2 weeks. I made the purchase with paypal it is now over a month later no kit and does not answer e-mails. Do not do business with this a$$h077 unless you feel like dealing with the bs of getting your money back.
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    Jeff was able to explain that he mis-spelled your street name by 1 measly letter and that the parcel did not make it to your address.

    It's firstly a mis-spelling and secondly a failure by the post office to see through the obvious mis-spelling and deliver it to your house anyhow.

    The package was returned by the post office to Jeff after the non-delivery. I'm sure he will ship it to the correct address if you've already paid him. He's honest.

    Hey loser, post up your REAL NAME instead of hiding behind your "Tirequik sucks" stupid username.

    Jeff is a first-rate guy, he works alone out of his garage offering useful services to motorcyclists. If he is a bit slow, that's because he doesn't have a secretary, a shipping/recieving dep's or any staff at all.

    The guy is juggling a full time job, a family and TireQuik as a sideline.

    Cut him some slack. He's not defrauding anyone.

    I sold him a wheel off my VFR a few years ago and he's a first rate guy to deal with.


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