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Discussion in 'Europe' started by joner7777, Mar 17, 2009.

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    Ahhh the first decent sunny day last sunday!
    Gear on,gleaming bike,new helmet, let`s GO!
    MMMMM , great! then,:eek:
    I did not seem to notice the gatso cameras when lumbering along in a car, now they seem to stand out like howitsers aiming at me from the sidewalk,and the biker cops seem to know when the roads will be busy with winter frustraited bikers and are patroling with pronounced head movements as we go by giving us scouring looks.
    The fast winding runs have 2 cop bikes waiting with mobile cameras at the best part of the road, can our biking brothers be so cruel?
    Then the sunday afternoon drivers!-- roads full of grandads in their cars which normally only gets used for a supermarket run all year, confused as how to make turns on strange roads!
    Pass them , here we go! !! then ,40mph limit leading into 30mph into a 20mph, back out to a 30 then a 40mph,then we are allowed to go 50!!
    for 1 mile back to 40 !!! Zumo bleeping at me non stop in my helmet for limits and cameras!
    Scrores of bikers out all looking like they need a damn good rip up for a hour or so ,only to be seen limping along using 10% of their power!
    help! -----
    Anyone know of any good runs where the police don`t live?
    So much throttle and so little wrist movement!
    I better start planning a French trip!! anyone interested?
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    You still thinking of a French trip?

    If you are over 40 and up for riding some stunning country roads - where the focus is very much on the social side and not killing ourselves, then you may be interested in a trip I am taking part in this Spring (as we just might fit in an unrestricted blast down the German autobahns). I'll be heading North from my home near Geneva to Calais to meet up with the UK Ulysses bikers contingent who are coming over to participate in the 2010 Ulysses European Rally - hosted by the German branch of Ulysses. The Rally will be based in Sankt Wendel, Germany from 21 to 24 May 2010. (In the Saarland - about 50 miles due east of Luxembourg). At the moment Ulysses members from Germany, France, Norway, UK and New Zealand Branches will be attending. Rides will start and finish at the accommodation in Winterbach, and evening meals and events will all take place within easy walking distance of the accommodation. If you are interested PM me and I can send you more info. After the event I'll be storming back via the autobahns across Germany and Switzerland to enjoy another summer of alpine touring. Life's hard.

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