Weight Reduction Parts & Info Thread

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    Got my 6g down to 466 with a half a tank of fuel, and all fluids, and that was after adding the weight of a steering damper, Power Commander III, the frame slider kit, and a small Eastern Beaver fuse box on the inside of the front cowl inner trim panel. I also kept the left passenger grab rail mounted, as I used it to provide a stable grab point for operating the rear stand. The grab rail wasn't mounted when it was weighed.

    It was weighed on a certified digital freight scale, so the accuracy of the number is pretty close. I figured it was close enough. Compared to the stock weight, it was definitely an improvement you could feel. It was a good handling moto. I drafted a design to fabricate an aluminum subframe and I could have removed the linked brake plumbing, but I sold the machine prior to getting that done. I am now employing a lot of the things that I learned from that project, with some new twists, and applying them to my current RVF400RR project.


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