Winter Maintenance- what would you do?

Discussion in 'General VFR Discussions' started by zxmikez, Jan 8, 2018.

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    So, I have truly mint 1986 VFR 750... love it. I have other bikes that get ridden regularly, so this one is a Sunday driver. Usually it only gets about 800 miles a year, especially since we have a short riding season. I bought it 3 years ago from the original owner, who had really treasured it. Im at about 21k miles... and no mechanical issues at all. Knock on wood. Since I have only owned it for about 2k miles, and I dont put many on it... I have not had to do much.
    So far, just fluids annually, new plugs, battery tender almost constantly, new tires about 2 years ago due to dry cracking, rims repainted/restored, and thats it. I was considering a stainless line kit for the brakes this winter since they do feel kind of spongy compared to modern brakes.

    It charges and starts up and runs very well.

    Is there any maintenance items that merit a look for this year? Anything to keep an eye on?

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