Xena Disc Lock with Alarm

Discussion in '6th Generation 2002-2013' started by mamono, May 20, 2011.

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    Has anyone used the Xena XX Series disc lock alarms? I used to have the original Xena disc lock alarm for my 87 VFR700F2 and it worked great though it wasn't all that sensitive until someone moved the bike enough for the disc lock to shift an inch or two. Which would you recommend? I am considering the XX-10 or XX-14, per their fitment guide but I don't want it to sit too loose. The different model numbers correspond to the disc depth on the disc lock. That's one thing I remember out the original Xena Disc Lock Alarm, it sat really loose where it can flop around and there was a lot of gap when secured to the disc.

    I am also thinking of getting a Swann SW351-HDL Heavy Duty Lock Alarm for home use. Can't be too careful when someone comes over and starts to want to mess with stuff.

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