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Discussion in '6th Generation 2002-2013' started by carlgustav, Oct 22, 2011.

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    Just thought I would add my impression of using a PCIII to the myriad impressions already here :smile:. I finally decided to throw more $$ at my '07 VFR and pick up a PCIII USB. I had already executed many of the mods (PAIR, etc.) suggested here and on VFRD, and the big girl was running nicely. Problem is, I can't leave well enough alone sometimes. I had just spent $$$ on Sato rear-sets with reverse shift so what the hell, right :crazy:.

    Rec'd the PC last nite and installed it with the 'stock' map (saved off a copy first). I should state that I've never been dissatisfied with the V-TEC transition although I have wished that the HP kick was greater. Went out today for a ride after the morning warmed up a bit and immediately thought that my girl ran smoother. So I came back, pulled the PC out, and enabled the accell pump feature. Went for another ride to make sure that said feature did not appear to mess anything else up, it didn't :biggrin:. Now, granted that my impressions are just that, seat of the pants, I'm happy with this mod. Particularly on the highway when running in 6th at 6K. My girl used to be inconsistent at this point but she's smooth now, and of course the slight hesitation just before V-TEC hits is now gone. My PC came with the fancy O2 eliminators so they're installed. I'm running an aftermarket AF and a shorty Supertrapp muffler hanging directly off the CAT (wt. savings of 13lbs, but I need a nice, short, curved, mid-pipe). As of now I see no reason to mess with the map. When I have warm enough weather to enable my NO, then I'll have to do something for WOT with a shot :cool: (this negated the wt. savings as my bottles reside where the high mufflers did). I've read lots of advice about paying for a good tuner to get the map just right, and I believe that this is excellent advice. However, for me when I'm out riding, knowing that I've eeked every last bit of HP/tune out of my girls set-up is not as important as the seat-of-the-pants feel that I get heading down the road :smile:.

    Here's a thought (FWIW), I don't have a laptop so I uninstall my PC to bring it in and program. Why can't we have an 'app' for the Android phones to allow us to program the PC with our phone :smile:? Oh, and I just turned over 19K on my girl, the only issue so far being electrical, and I've applied the R/R connector mod to hopefully take care of that one.


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